About Thrive

Thrive’s integrative therapy approach is best described as technical eclecticism.  This approach identifies the change process as multifaceted and targets goals that reflect the entire person, to include emotional, social, physical, financial, and spiritual health.

Thrive recognizes that being “stuck” or “unhappy”, in many or one area of life, is attributable to cognitive processes that are linked to fear, insecurities, trauma, biology, learned behaviors, and past experiences.  Thrive is committed to the concept that how a person achieves wellness, requires practitioner flexibility and must be tailored to the uniqueness of each individual.

Thrive’s approach to therapy is successful because it offers applicable, action-oriented therapies that utilizes the practice of mindfulness and tailored treatment plans.  Goals and objectives reflect patients’ unique histories, individual desires, strengths, and viable strategies for achieving overall wellness.